Coin Drop – drops down on one arm and goes into a windmill. There are suicide variations of the coin drop where the breaker does a coindrop, but once on the back pops up in the air and rotates 360 degrees landing on the back in a star shape. There is also a 720 twist version often used by member of KnuckleHead Zoo, Abenamar Honrubia. He is also seen using it in week 9 of the Americas Best Dance Crew: The championship.

 Knee Drop(aka Colt-45) – a downrock where one puts one foot behind the kneepit of the other and drops to the floor and lands on that foot in order to create an illusion of landing on one’s knee

Other Knee Drop– a downwork where one puts one foot behind the kneepit of the other, puts the other foot sideways and lands, making both knees almost touch the ground, but not quite. Also used by cwalkers.

Sweep Drop -one leg sweeps in front of the other, giving the impression of tripping yourself

Thread Drop -a leg thread is done, but as soon as strong foot hits ground, it is bent.

Corkscrew -a drop with one foot behind the other knee.

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