The Top Rock is a combination of steps done while standing up. This is the entry dance that Bboys and Bgirls use to start their set. These steps are done before you do a power set or before you go down to the floor. This is the breaker’s chance to show how well he or she can rock the beat and/or make gestures to intimidate their opponent. The object is to make a connection with the song either by gesturing on a horn or rhythm section while your feet usually step on the “snare” of the drum/beat section. (Note: Uprock was a jazz/rock dance which influenced top rock, uprock is not toprock)

  • Basic Top Rock
  • Indian Step
  • Uprock
  • Side Step
  • Boyoing
    • Bronx Rock
    • Brooklyn Rock
  • Power Step/Power Circle
  • Power Step Hop
  • Boyoing
  • Latin Rock

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